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People often think that their windows are clean enough, but truth of the matter is that unless your windows are professionally cleaned you will never experience what a true clean window looks like. Windows are just storage areas for dirt, dust and water residue. Especially with Austin’s harsh summers the grime gets so sun baked it really sticks. You would not believe how such a smooth surface can retain so much dirt.

Special cleaning detergents are used to get those window sparkling clean, along with specialized tools like sponges, squeegees, steel wool, etc. Sometimes windows are so dirty that aggressive polishing compounds must be used to eliminate all the grime. Of course you have to be well trained to be able to safely use these methods otherwise the glass could easily be damaged or even worse you could injure yourself.

Did you know that hard water residue is very hard to remove?

Hard water stains are formed when water with a high mineral content evaporates on a glass surface, leaving behind calcium remains. White spots will start to appear, which are the stubborn water stains on your windows.

We often encounter plenty of windows with massive hard water residue especially in the rural areas surrounding Austin, TX like Lakeway and Dripping Springs, basically areas that operate off of well water. Yes hard water residue is sometimes one of our worst enemies per say. It is fairly difficult to remove from glass, which means extra work and extra muscle. We use a detergent that will help soften this residue and make it a bit easier to remove so we can get your windows sparkling clean.


Hard water + Windows = Bad!

Professional window cleaning – A MUST! (So give us a call you won’t regret it)


Window after hard water removal


Window with hard water stains




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