Roof Cleaning Time!

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Have you taken the time to really look at your home? I mean really LOOK at it? Step outside, walk across the street and just observe. Other than your driveway, your windows or your lawn take a good look at your roof… what do you see? Your roof does not quite look like it did a few years ago, correct? Dark streak like stains and the dullness has overtaken your roof. What a shame! ‘Twas such a good looking roof…

Other than your roof becoming an eyesore it is decaying every day that goes by. Algae, soot, dirt and other biomasses decrease your roof’s ability to function properly. This results in higher electric bills and reduced roof life expectancy by years! YIKES!

The presence of the aforementioned build up affects how much heat a home absorbs. Living organisms eat away the material that is used to make modern day shingles like cellulose and lime stone fillers (algae, fungus and moss find these very yummy) therefore you are not protected from that Austin, TX hot summer sun that is just around the corner. Hot sun + bad roof = hot home which makes you turn on your AC longer and to cooler temperatures resulting in wasted $$. When all you wanted was to cool off… so not cool!

Want to extend your roof’s life for as much as you possibly can? Easy! Give us a call and we can (and will) help 🙂

We use a very safe method of roof washing to get rid of all that nasty build up that is harming your roof cosmetically and physically. At C Clearly we formulate our own eco-friendly-biomass-killing-grime-removing (wink) detergents! We also have the latest professional cleaning equipment and top that with our highly trained professionals and you got yourself a recipe for perfection! You can rest assured that we will bring your roof back to life! What are you waiting for, give us a call we service all of Williamson County and Travis County.


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