Pressure Washing VS Soft Washing

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We did a soft wash for a basketball and tennis court in Leander, TX recently. Come to find out that not everyone knows the difference between pressure washing (or power washing as some people know it) and soft washing. Many people believe that if you just take high pressure to the surface that it will clean the surface with no problem. Well… that is incorrect not all surfaces can take the high pressure without getting damaged, take for example the basketball and tennis court I did . You simply cannot pressure wash a tennis court, if you do the paint will come off and it will result in streaking or spotting (very unappealing ) you never ever want to use high pressure on these types of surfaces. What needs to be done is what we in our industry call soft wash, What is soft wash you ask, well its name pretty much explains it, we use low pressure washing AND specific detergents to safely eliminate dirt, mold, mildew, algae and airborne contaminants from surfaces. Soft washing is about the detergents NOT about pressure. Surfaces like brick, vinyl siding, hardie board and soffits will damage if high pressure power washing is used as a method to clean them.

We at C Clearly Window Cleaning have years of experience on these specific methods of cleaning. If you are in need of some Power Washing and/or Soft Washing give us a call we would be happy to help!

Before Soft Wash

Before Soft Wash

Soft Wash Tennis Court

After Soft Wash


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