Gutter Cleaning: Clogged Downspouts

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Thanks to this much needed rain in the wonderful Austin, TX, gutter cleaning services are in high demand at the moment. (Works for me!!)

With all this gutter cleaning I am reminded of the many issues a professional gutter cleaner like myself can encounter. For example clogged gutter downspouts! Yes I have suffered through the task of unclogging these quite a bit this past week. It’s a good thing I love what I do and making my customer happy.

Nowadays many homes have the type of gutter downspout that is buried in the ground which will redirect the water to a different location. There are several reasons people do this but mainly it is to prevent damage to the foundation of the home.

This invention is great and it certainly serves its purpose BUT, of course there is a “but”, these clog quite easily and I do mean CLOG, therefore counteracting their sole purpose. Debris will start to accumulate in the part of the downspout that is buried and it will just get packed solid, yikes! Certainly making my job more interesting.

Now I would not be telling you all this if I did not have a solution that will, in most cases, prevent that awful situation… Downspout Screens, yes they exist and are in fact very inexpensive not to mention helpful. Basically these screens will just cover the top of the downspout and keep debris from entering the downspout and clogging it, preventing possible damage to your home. So, how about some downspout screens everyone!


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